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     Peter, Santiago and Ahab are fishermen through and through. The sea is the place where they spend their lives. Still, they have dreams of other places and when the sea is gentle the fishermen talk of those fantasies — of sand dunes and camels, of hot-air balloons high up in the clouds, of fields full of rainbow-coloured tulips. 
     On one of those dreamy days the fishermen make an extra special catch — a lobster as white as the clouds of Santiago's daydreams. Never before have they seen anything this extraordinary and beautiful! Surely this is a catch that should be shared with all! When word of the special lobster makes its way to photographers, marine biologists and reporters they all come to the village to see for themselves and share the story with their followers. Peter, Santiago and Ahab are eventually offered money for the lobster! As if such an extraordinary creature was theirs to sell!! The final offer is for more money than any of them could have ever imagined — a sum that would allow them to achieve their life dreams. But the fisherman realize it is impossible to imagine their life without the water and the sound of the seagulls overhead — and they need to return their special catch back to the freedom of its own watery world.


Colleen Sydor • Illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan • Red Deer Press


          ...Kerrigan’s sunny, pastel watercolors are textured and make use of beguiling patterns. Her depiction of Ahab’s “vast sea of wind-tossed flowers” is not to be missed, and she brings a boatload (bad pun intended) of character to each of the three men."

- Julie Danielson, KIRKUS, full review here

•    2016 Blue Spruce Award Honour Book 

•.   The Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design, Honorable Mention

•.   Storytelling World Award for Pre-Adolescent Listeners - winner

Available from Red Deer Press or from your favourite bookstore, online retailer or wholesale bookseller.

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