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          If you want your kids to love stories, to love reading, buy them this book!  It is magical and funny and vividly illustrated... and like all the best children's stories is deep down subversive. "

- Charles Wilkins - professor of Creative Writing Lakehead University


KISS ME! I'm a Prince!

Heather McLeod • Illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan

Fitzhenry and Whiteside


       "If you kiss me, I'll turn into a prince!" says the frog. 
But Ella thinks that a talking frog is much more interesting and fun than living like a princess in a castle. And when she introduces her life to the royal prince, he tends to agree. Their friendship grows and when he does return to his world at the castle he makes a deal with his parents to allow him to continue his royal duties while also taking time out to play with his best friend...And, of course, only the kiss of a true friend can break the curse and return him to his true princely form.

•    2012 Blue Spruce Award Honour book

•.   2011 Amelia Bloomer List nominee

Available from Fitzhenry & Whiteside or from your favourite bookstore, online retailer or wholesale bookseller.

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