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          "Beautiful and sweet but not syrupy. Cheerful undertones and this book gets you to a place that I would hope all of us could get to after experiencing loss."

Elizabeth, GoodReads 

Dog Breath

Carolyn Beck • Illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan

A funny but heart-warming tribute to a child's memorable, mischievous dog. 

A comfy dog bed, a red rubber ball, a favorite bone: a collection of images left behind stirs up memories, both poignant and humorous, of a child's best friend. This lovable, rambunctious dog will steal your heart just as easily as he once stole bites of food from the table or a whole birthday cake-candles and all-off the kitchen counter.

Recommended to anyone in need a good book about the death and memory of a beloved family pet.

•    On the Ontario Library Association Best Bets List for 2011


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