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Born and raised in Toronto Canada, I currently split my time between Tiny, Ontario and a little town in the french Alps called Chamonix. Both inspire me daily with their landscape and beauty. I’ve been working as an illustrator

since 2011 and added graphic design into the mix in 2014. 

I work in watercolour, guache, pencil crayon, collage and most recently an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.  I'm inspired by all sorts of things, the mountains, the sea, the clouds, the flowers, and my somewhat overactive imagination. I just love the final moments of a painting when it all comes together, adding the last touches and extra little details....... if you look carefully at my work you might spot a little creature hidden in the background, or a polka dot flower blowing in the wind.

My illustrations have been received critical acclaim and numerous nominations and are described as whymsical, beautiful and fun.

I’ve illustrated over 10 picture books including design-award winning Fishermen Through & Through (Red Deer Press), Plan for Pops (Orca) and recent Blue spruce honor book The Little Boy Who Lived Down the Drain.(Red Deer Press)

I'm available for school and library visits, and much of my artwork is available on giclée prints upon request.  

Contact me at

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