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Presentation Information


Brooke’s main focus is exploring creativity and encouraging imagination. Her goal is to inspire children to trust their instincts and be true to their imaginations when creating their own characters or illustrations. There is no certain way to draw a tree or a dog or a fish – you can have fun and make it your own!

Brooke is a lively and fun presenter who loves interacting with children. Her presentations are tailored to the age group and Brooke will be happy to discuss content with educators beforehand.

She offers two different presentations/workshops – the first option focuses mainly on the creative process and how illustrations are made, while the second option allows more time for a hands on creative workshop for the students. (The second option is more suited to smaller group size and teachers should allow at least an hour and a half – enough time to get creative!)

What to expect:

Typically, Brooke will start with a traditional reading of one of her books. This will be followed by a presentation (slide show if projector is available) focusing on how Brooke found her way to making picture books, discussing her life long love of doodling and showing some her very first drawings. Next the kids will get to see how the illustrations in a book come to be, starting with the very first sketches all the way to the final art. Brooke will keep the kids actively engaged throughout the presentation with questions, games, and stretches.

All sessions will finish with some hands-on creative fun. Brooke offers two options here, depending on group size, time, and the educator’s preference.

For larger groups Brooke will lead a group drawing, by getting input from the students to create an imagination fuelled character or Illustration.

For smaller groups (up to 25 kids) – each child will work on an individual illustration. Brooke will show the children that a simple sentence can be made so much more interesting, original and fun by using their imaginations and adding their own personal touch.

Group size: 1-2 classrooms for optimal interaction. Maximum group size: 60.

Age groups: grades 1-3 (ages 6-8)

Equipment required: easel to attach large pad of paper, chair, and an overhead projector to connect a computer or iPad (if possible)

if educators are interested in option 2 please have art supplies for students: paints or markers/ paper

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